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Detect changes in real-time with Verisys Integrity Suite

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Verisys Integrity Suite

File Integrity Monitoring

Maintain system integrity, detecting changes as they happen, with a detailed audit trail including who, what, when and where


Demonstrate compliance with PCI DSS, NIST SP800-171, SOX and more, with automatic tagging of events and built-in reports

Change Control

Gain visibility and control over changes across your organization - both planned and unplanned


Noise reduction and automated change approval let you focus on changes that matter

Threat Hunting

Searchable, detailed audit trail and SIEM integration enables threat hunting at scale

Increase Security Posture

Detect zero-day attacks, achieve your security and compliance goals

File Integrity Monitoring & Change Detection

Verisys Integrity Suite is a next-generation file integrity monitoring and change detection system, providing detailed real-time information about planned and unplanned changes across your fleet of servers and workstations.

With automated compliance tagging, automated approvals, planned changes, dashboards, reporting and SIEM integration, Verisys Integrity Suite provides incredible insight into all changes across your organization - while extraordinary noise reduction capabilities allow you to focus on changes that matter.

NIST SP800-171 Compliance
PCI DSS Compliance


File integrity monitoring is significant to many regulatory compliance requirements, including the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), NIST SP800-171, SOX, FISMA, HIPAA, NERC CIP, CoCo and more. Verisys Integrity Suite automatically tags events according to applicable compliance requirements, allowing you to demonstrate compliance with built-in reports.

Focused Events

Noise reduction, automated change approval and planned changes let you focus on changes that matter, while maintaining a complete audit trail of all changes with forensic detail.

  • Automated Approvals

    Verisys Integrity Suite automatically identifies and approves authorized changes - for example, those arising from Windows updates and patches

  • Planned Changes

    With Planned Changes you can define periods where authorized changes are expected on specific systems and should be automatically approved - Verisys Integrity Suite can even integrate with ServiceNow®

Change Visibility

Verisys Integrity Suite provides unparalleled visibility into planned and unplanned changes across your entire organization. The web-based Console provides easy, role-based access to centralised management, reporting and administration.

  • Searchable Event Database

    A searchable event database provides a detailed audit trail of all changes, allowing you to see what was changed, where it was changed, when it was changed, and even who made the change.

  • Threat Hunting

    Threat hunting capabilities also enable proactive investigations at scale - for example, you can find all files across your entire organization that were changed by a suspicious process, detecting indicators of compromise.

SIEM & Log Management Integration

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) and Log Management solutions are now widely deployed, enabling enterprise-wide threat detection and centralized logging.

Verisys Integrity Suite integrates with any SIEM or Log Management solution, seamlessly connecting with your existing security and compliance infrastructure, including QRadar, Splunk, Exabeam Fusion, RSA NetWitness, Microsoft Sentinel, ArcSight, Log Rhythm and more.

IBM QRadar
IBM Exabeam


Verisys Integrity Suite

Fully featured, real-time change detection with a detailed audit trail including who, what, when and where

Verisys FIM

Simple, specialized file integrity monitoring for Windows, Linux and Network Devices - ideal for OEMs and high-security environments

Product Comparison

  Verisys Integrity Suite Verisys FIM
File Integrity Monitoring
Real-Time Change Detection
SIEM & Log Management Integration
ServiceNow Integration
Noise Reduction
Threat Hunting
Planned Changes
Automated Change Approval
Automated Compliance Tagging
RBAC (Role-Based Access Control)
Enterprise-Scale Deployment

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